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'An Invitation'

This sculpture was created with manufacturers and suppliers in Mexico and the US, as an attempt to approach and disseminate the complexities and complications of manufacture and trade along the international border of Mexico and the USA under NAFTA regulations.


A piñata was created by piñata artisans, Jesus Rivas, Reyna Bohemia Chavez and Francisco Javier Hernandez in Juarez Mexico, for Boom Boom Candy Piñata store El Paso, to Freya Gabie's design, copying a hammer made in a Juarez maquiladora and sold in the US as an American Made tool.


The hammer piñata was put on general sale in Boom Boom Candy, El Paso at the commencement of the solo exhibition, Duet, at Danielle Arnaud Gallery 2024


Giclee Print, 20" x 28" 2024 

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