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Freya Gabie studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art. ​

Freya is a multi-disciplinary artist, with a focus on sculpture and drawing. She is interested in highlighting unnoticed narratives manifest within different scenarios, places and objects.

Often working with the familiar or ordinary, her work considers what our material culture says about contemporary society

Small, playful interactions/conversations take place between the artist and the things around her; retelling them in new form to reveal unfamiliar characteristics, highlight different histories and create an altered material inheritance.  

"Making for me, means re imagining - turning something inside out, upside down, breaking it apart to look at it again, pushing it off kilter so that it holds itself differently or sings a new song. I often use objects and materials already in the world - things we have instinctive associations with - by abstracting, disrupting or destabilising them, I'm hoping to reveal other, quieter truths which can tell a new story of who we are, and who we want to be" 

She works between Bristol and London


2022   Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, (Shortlist) 

2020   Arts Council Covid Emergency Fund

2017   Artangel ‘Everywhere’ (Shortlisted – 1 of 8)

2017   Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, (Shortlisted)

2017   British School in Rome Bridget Riley Fellowship (Drawing) Shortlist

2015   Neo Art Prize, Residency and Solo Exhibition (Awarded)

2015   Griffin Gallery Open, Griffin Gallery, London (Finalist)

2015   Combat Art Prize, Livorno, Italy (Awarded)

2014   Uncertain States, Four Corners Gallery (Awarded)

2014   Jerwood Drawing Prize, (Shortlisted)

2014   David Troostwyk / Matts Gallery award (Finalist) Selected by Susan                       Hiller and Robin Klassnik

2014   Awarded Royal College of Art Bursary Scheme (Awarded)

2013   Awarded Royal College of Art Bursary Scheme (Awarded)

2013   Awarded Eaton Award Bursary (Awarded)

2012   Gilchrist Fisher Landscape Award (Awarded)

2009   The Open West Prize (Shortlisted)

2008   Artsway 08 Artsway, Sway, (Finalist) 

2008   Darbyshire Award Shortlist Exhibition (Finalist)

2007   Salon 07 Short-list Exhibition (Shortlist)



2021   ‘All Fired Up’ Historic England, Stoke on Trent / Poole, UK

2020   ‘Underflow’ UCL Public commission Site History London UK

2020   ‘Contagious Image’ Burton Museum and Art Gallery Bideford UK

2018   ‘Atlas’ Eriksburg Museum, Tranas, Sweden

2018   ‘Avenue’ Châteaux De Bosmolet, Diep-Haven Festival 2018 France

2017   ‘Grafted Chorus’ Future Perfect, Bristol, UK

2014   ‘Swansong; Dawn till Dusk’ D.I.G Collective, London, UK



2024   The Silence of Growing Things, Bangalore, India

2023   Action Space, collaboration with Artist Matthew Berry, UK

2022   Duet El Paso, Texas, USA / Ciudad Juarez Mexico

2019   Leonardo Da Vinci, A life in Drawing Artist, Bristol Museum, UK

2018   Offcut Artist residency/exhibition, Palsmuseum, Tranas, Sweden

2018   Raw Materials: Textiles, The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK

2017   IMR Artist in Residence aboard Dr Fridtjof Nansen Vessel, Namibia and                 South Africa

2017   USF Art Centre, Bergen, Norway

2016   Doremi, Florence Art Centre and Iron Mine, Cumbria, UK

2016   Neo Artist Residency, Bolton, UK

2015   108 Artist Residency, New York, USA

2015   Fljótstunga Artist Residency, Iceland

2015   DepARTure Foundation, London, UK

2013   Intern Fellowship, Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota, USA

2011   Artist in Residence/ solo exhibition, Styx Projects, Berlin, Germany

2009   Artist in Residence / solo exhibition, Meantime Space Cheltenham, UK



2024  ‘Duet’ Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London UK

2023  ‘Monuments’ M2 Gallery, London, UK

2022  ‘Duet’ BAR, El Paso, Texas, USA

2020  ‘Contagious Image’ Burton Gallery and Museum, Bideford, UK

2018  ‘Hold The Line’ Project Launch. Danielle Arnaud, London, UK

2016  ‘Everything Must Go’ Neo, Bolton, UK

2016  ‘Quickly, Quietly’ 9B Projects, London, UK

2014  'Dawn till Dusk – Swan Song’ Dig Collective, London, UK

2011  ‘Undone.Retold’ Styx Projects, Berlin, Germany

2010  ‘Vestige’ an installation in an empty tower block flat, Glasgow, UK

2009  ‘Desirelines’ Meantime Space, Cheltenham, UK



2024  'The Silence of Growing Things' Artcore, Derby, UK

2024  'THISS 2024' The Hide, Stroud, UK

2024  'Trig Point' Millimetre Gallery Kingsgate Workshops London, UK

2023  ‘Secret Postcard’ RWA Bristol UK

2023  ‘Between Land and Sky’ SVA, Periscope Arts, Stroud, UK

2023  ‘Hung, Drawn & Quartered’ The Prick and Stitch Collective, Standpoint                   Gallery, London, UK

2022  ‘Trinity Wharf Drawing Prize’ Touring Exhibition, UK

2020  '25 Years' Danielle Arnaud, London UK

2019  ‘Gossip’ Take Courage, New Cross, London

2019  ‘The London Art Fair’ Danielle Arnaud Contemporary, London UK

2018  ‘OFFCUT’ Eriksburg Museum, Tranas, Sweden

2018  ‘Contre Point 1: Still life’, Auffey, France

2018  ‘Raw Materials; Textiles, Nunnery Gallery / Vallance House, London, UK

2018  ‘Say no more’

2017 ‘ Air; Visualising the invisible in British Art 1768-2017’ RWA, Bristol, UK

2017  ‘A Bird in the Head’ Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, UK

2017  ‘Hanger 1’ Charity Art Auction for Refugees, Berlin, Germany

2017  ‘This is where we fall’ Thames Side Gallery, London, UK

2016  ‘The Surround X Seen Through’ Avarard Hotel, Slate Projects, London,                     UK

2016  ‘Spectrum’ PS Mirabel, Manchester, UK

2015  ‘Things I Know, Things I Don’t Know’ 108, New York, USA

2015  ‘Tendencies’ Mo.e Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2015  ‘Sketchy Remarks’ DepARTure Foundation, London, UK

2014  ‘Echo’ The Function Room, London, UK

2014  ‘Spun Through Shadows’ Collaboration with Composer Nick Morrish                     and Another Dance Company, London, UK

2014  ‘Hole Story’ D.I.G Collective, Hackney, London UK

2014  ‘Works on Paper’ Meantime Projects. Cheltenham, UK

2014  ‘Royal College of Art Degree Show’ Sculpture RCA. London, UK

2014  ‘RCA Secret’ Dyson Gallery, London, UK

2013  ‘Workweek’ Casket Gallery, Minneapolis, USA

2013  ‘RCA Secret’ Dyson Gallery, London, UK

2013  ‘Extra-Ordinary’ Departure Foundation, Glassford Street, London, UK

2013  ‘Royal College of Art WIP Show’ Henry Moore Gallery London, UK

2012  ‘Middleland – Responses to Drawing’ 22 Gas Street, Birmingham, UK

2012  ‘Wanted’ Drawing Show, RCA London, UK

2012  ‘Smashed Plates and Seascapes’ The Cove, Lamorna, Cornwall, UK

2011  ‘One thing leads to another’ Portland House, Malvern, UK

2011  ‘Episode 2: Ghost in the machine’ The Others Gallery. London, UK

2011  ‘Wallpaper Collective:8 Folds’ Richmix Gallery. London, UK

2011  ‘Cellspace’ exhibition with Nicola Stead, Styx Projects, London, UK

2010  ‘At Play’ South Hill Park, Bracknel, UK

2009  ‘Archway Island Group Show’ Archway Methodist Church, London, UK

2008  ‘Siteshow’ 31 Warwick Square, London, UK

2007  ‘Seduced’ The Windows Gallery (In association with the Barbican)                         London, UK

2006  ‘Slightly off centre’ St Pancras Church Crypt, London, UK

2006  ‘This way up’ Temporary Contemporary. London,


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