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'Atlas of the space between the maps'

A body of work produced in response to the Palsmuseum (Fur Museum) of Tranås, that documents the impact of the historic fur industry on the city for much of the 20th century. 


The work seeks to bear witness to the artefacts found within the museum, which like the industry itself, and the trades of many people still living in Tranås are slowly but stealthily being eroded to time.  

Over the span of four weeks, performative drawings were created in the museum that sought to record every single hair that made up each pelt.

Pen on animal parchment installed on wooden structures.

Commissioned by Cultivera, Tranås Council and the Eirigsburg Museum

Exhibited in the exhibition 'OFFCUT' with Nick Kozac, Ericsberg Museum, Sweden 2018


Atlas 5.jpg
Atlas 3.JPG
Atlas for the space between the maps.jpg
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