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A film made in two gardens across spring 2022; The Municipal Rose Garden, El Paso, Texas, USA, and El Huerto Del Senor Community Garden, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


The two gardens are 7.5 miles from each other

'Duet' explores the landscape of El Paso/Ciudad Juarez as a repository of shared connections and experience. giving the land voice to carry the complications, contradictions, and beauty of the place; the way these nuances act in harmony, and the notes of discord they strike.

The work focuses on the natural resources of the area, to consider the impact on the landscape created by an international border, and how this may echo similar consequences for the people living on each side of the divide.

With special thanks to all the incredible gardeners in both cities, particularly Ramona, Mandu, Chuey, and Veronica, this film couldn't have been made without you! I hope both gardens continue to grow.

Freya Gabie-Danielle Arnaud-21.02.24_Dan Weill Photography-8.jpg
Freya Gabie-Danielle Arnaud-21.02.24_Dan Weill Photography-9.jpg

'Duet' Install shot, Danielle Arnaud Gallery London, Duet solo exhibition 2024

Photograph Dan Weill Photography

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