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Duet Installation Images. Danielle Arnaud Gallery

An exhibition of work made in response to the people and places of the U.S./Mexico border 2022/2023

More information Duet ( photography Dan Weill, 2024

Virtual gallery tour Freya Gabie Duet (

Proxy and Difficult Maps_Duet_Freya Gabie_small.jpg

Freya would like to especially thank Katie and Cinco Feuille, Jess Tolbert, Kerry Doyle, Alex Mayer, and, Claudia Rivers at UTEP Special Collections. Judy Farness, Veronica Macias, and all the master gardeners at the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden, Ramona, and, Mandu Solano, Chuey, and, all at the El Huerto Del Señor Community Garden. Oiram Castro, Jesus Rivas, Reyna Bohemia Chavez and Francisco Javier Hernandez at Boom Boom Candy Pinatas, El Paso, and everyone at The Border Art Residency. Alex Rowling and all at the Master Ropemakers, Chloe Hodges, and Denise De Cordova for all their input, expertise, and, support in making this work.

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