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Entangled Anthology 

A body of work made during a residency with Artcore and 1Shanti Road in Bangalore, India, in spring 2024, in response to Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanic Garden.

An exploration of post-colonialism, ecology, and place; the work 
approaches these territories through a focus on ideas of resilience and healing. Revealing the myriad symbiotic relationships between people and plants, the work looks to indigenous kn
owledge, Ayurvedic medicinal practice, and the extractivist economic botany of the East India Company, often presided over by British surgeons. 

Up to 50% of modern medicine is plant-derived, while biodiversity is increasingly threatened by climate change and habitat loss. The work 
considers this entangled and complicated relationship alongside the ongoing impact of imperialism, capitalism, and migration. 

The work will be exhibited at Artcore, Darby, spring/summer 2024

guava seller at the fruit market.jpeg
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