'Grafted Chorus'

Grafted Chorus was commissioned by Bristol City Council and Future Perfect for Whitchurch and Hengrove community orchard, Bristol.

The orchard was originally created by British artist David Thorpe as part of Future Perfect's public art programme.

Local residents were invited to create a series of songs in response to their community and orchard with a score for each song composed by Tina Hitchens. Writer Holly Corfield Carr wrote 'The Hengrove Wassail'which was included in the performance.  

The songs were sung together, by the residents, in a continuous 'graft' on the 1st of July 2017. 

A smaller rendition of Grafted Chorus was first performed across four different sites at Spike Island Open on 30 April 2017 by Bristol-based vocalists Leila Gamaz, Phil Owen, Ellen Southern and Wenonoah.

With thanks to the many people who took part in this project!

Printed material was designed and printed by City Edition Studio. All photographs by Ellen Wilkinson 2017