HOLD THE LINE is an ongoing project unearthing historic refugee routes taken by people across the world with the aid of a Nansen Passport. These journeys, first made almost a century ago are uncovered and re-traced on foot.

Each journey undertaken is represented through a series of drawings of the small stones passed along the way. Each stone is rendered twice, with the first sent to people around the world who would like to connect with the journey, the second forming part of a lasting archive.


In 2019 the Nansen Passport refugee journey of Pavel Kiprianovitch was retraced on foot, 90 years after his original departure in 1929, from Bulgaria to France.

To see a live map of the route please press on the link below, photographs will show when you click on the stops, with huge thanks to Michael Horswell at University of the West of England Human Geography Department.



The stone archive for Pavel's journey can be viewed below