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'Permanent Fade'

Drawing of comets sighted from the 18th and 19th centuries; before later technological advances made it possible to see them through a telescope, they were thought to be harbingers of doom.

Photo-etchings continuously etched to black.

Exhibited at the solo exhibition 'Everything must go' at Neo: Gallery, Bolton, 2016

With thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Denis Whiteread at Neo: Prntmakers.

Held in a private collection

comet 1_1.jpg
Comet 1_2.jpg
Comet 1_3.jpg
Comet 1_4.jpg
Comet 2_2.jpg
Comet 2_3.jpg
Comet 3_2.jpg
Comet 3_3.jpg
Comet 2_4.jpg
Comet 3_4.jpg
Comet 2_5.jpg
Comet 3_5.jpg
Permanent Fade Install.JPG
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