At Sea 91 postcards drawn, written and sent across the world from the DR Fridtjof Nansen Research vessel sailing down the west coast of Africa (the postcards will hopefully be temporarily sent back and shown together in an exhibition in London autumn 2018) 2018

Atlas for the space between the maps Ink drawings on animal parchment, wooden structures, OFFCUT, Sweden 2018

'Never bet more then you can afford to lose' One metric tonne of ground down carpet taken from unused office spaces around North West UK formed into a structure built to collapse; the column slowly eroded and broke down throughout a two month exhibition Photo Rado Daskalov

Another Place Partially erased postcards of Tranas, Sweden, shown as part of OFFCUT, Eriksburgs Museum, Sweden 2018 Photo credit Nick Kozak

EVERYTHING MUST GO Temporary billboard Bolton, 2016

Before, After, and Between Yellow Aniline Dye seeping up a silk thread and dying it yellow throughout the exhibition. Photo credit: Rob Harris Bow Arts

90,000 miles across the sun A single golden thread spun through 100 meters of rope, made using traditional machinery at the Master Ropemakers, Royal Chatham Dockyard Photography credit: Rob Harris Bow Arts

Knocked Up 'knocker upper sticks' made in response to memories of Bolton residents Slip cast porcelain and found objects 2016

There is much that darkness knows Icelandic lullabies translated and re-ordered alphabetically 9B Projects - Quickly Quietly 2016

Do not go gentle Industrial waste textile This is where we fall 2017

The Weepers Digitally woven silk tapestries based on erasure drawings Photo credit: Rob Harris Bow Arts

Ebb Pencil on paper 9B Projects - Quickly Quietly 2016

Land Lines / Wind Lines Drawings across the landscape using the direction of the wind Iceland 2015

Not Without Silver spoon melted and recast, with some of it's original form 'lost' due to metal shrinkage when molten London 2015

Romantic Gesture A tree buried back into the landscape it grew out of Franconia Sculpture Park MN, USA 2013

The Need to be Held in the Memory of Others Carpet taken from the floors of an unoccupied flat and deconstructed down to dust. Inlaid into a 31 meter long cut away section of the floor, the dimensions of the periphery of the space it was removed from London 2014

Crew Table A table created for the crew aboard the DR Fridtjof Nansen vessel, western Africa

Hole Made By A Meteorite Sikhote - Alin Meteorite melted and recast into a nail, hammered into the wall London 2014

'Did You Mean Anarchy? Altered Canary Wharf Magazine London 2015

Suns Out Guns Out C Type photograph documenting a performance in Shafer, USA,where iron casts of vegetables were taken to a gun shop to be 'blued' The objects were always referred to as guns MN,USA 2013

Early One Morning Painted Corn Franconia Sculpture Park, MN,USA 2015

Paper Column Column built into the Thames Estuary and filmed as it was slowly submerged London 2007

Soft Edge Deconstructed carpet London 2015

Knot Glass London 2015

'Can't See The Stars For The Stripes' Cut out beach towel USA 2013

Fools Gold Stones along a road side painted with glitter and replaced. Causing them to shine when hit by the sun Shafer, USA 2013

Undone Retold Site Specific Installation at Styx Projects, Berlin, using wallpaper torn from the walls of an abandoned Soviet hospital Germany, 2011

Pillar of Salt: To Be Eaten By The Rain And Fed To The Earth Salt Franconia Scultpure Park, MN, USA 2013

Wind Break Shredded Plastic, Glass London 2014

Breath Bag Plastic Bag London 2013